This series highlights faculty work from the Psychology department. It is not limited to published articles but can include any type of published or unpublished works such as: abstracts, articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, data sets, editorials, keynotes, grey literature, lectures, presentation, posters, reports, and white papers. Each work’s record page includes all available citation information.


Submissions from 2017


The Effect Of A Medical Decompression Protocol On The Use Of Antiemetics, Nasogastric Tube Usage And Diet Advance In Late Stage Cancer Patients With Functional Intestinal Obstruction, Pedro H. Calves; Cindy Kaye Saraceno; Ann C. Eckardt Erlanger PsyD, ABPP; and Patricia A. Eckardt

Submissions from 2015


Social Responsibility in Higher Education, Maureen L. Mackenzie Ph.D., Melissa McCardle Ph.D., Melissa Gebbia Ph.D., and Susan Bliss Ph.D.

Submissions from 2013


Boundaries of Schizoaffective Disorder: Revisiting Kraepelin, Roman Kotov PhD; Shirley H. Leong PhD; Ramin Mojtabai MD, PhD, MPH; Ann C. Eckardt Erlanger PsyD, ABPP; Laura J. Fochtmann; Eduarado Constantino MD; Gabrielle A. Carlson MD; and Evelyn J. Bromet PhD