This series highlights faculty work from the Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing. It is not limited to published articles but can include any type of published or unpublished works such as: articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, data sets, editorials, keynotes, grey literature, lectures, presentation, posters, reports, and white papers. Each work’s record page includes all available citation information.


Submissions from 2016


Educating Nursing Students for Practice in the 21st Century, Jennifer Emilie Mannino Ph.D., R.N. and Elizabeth Cotter Ph.D, R.N.

Submissions from 2015


Interprofessional Collaboration and Interprofessional Education, Marcia R. Gardner Ph.D., RN, CPNP, CPN


Resilience and Transitioning to Adulthood among Emerging Adults with Disabilities, Jennifer Emilie Mannino Ph.D., R.N.

Submissions from 2013


Parent Need and Impact on Family for Parents whose Children have Special Healthcare Needs, Jennifer Emilie Mannino Ph.D., R.N. and Geraldine Cornell Ed.D., R.N.

Submissions from 2011


Field-Testing a PC Electronic Documentation System using the Clinical Care Classification© System with Nursing Students, Jennifer Emilie Mannino Ph.D., R.N. and Victoria D. Feeg Ph.D., R.N., FAAN