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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Dr. Adenike Webb


Little to no research has been done on the history, development and current practice of a specific country’s approach to music therapy. This study examines the development of music therapy in Hungary with regards to cultural influences, which the researcher has a unique understanding of as a first-generation Hungarian-American. Three Hungarian music therapists were invited to participate in qualitative interviews in Hungarian. After transcribing and translating the interviews, the data were analyzed using inductive thematic analysis in order to locate themes, patterns and viewpoints. Five themes and one sub-theme emerged. These themes included: a) process of becoming a music therapist, with a sub-theme of (a1) music therapy as a secondary profession, (b) cultural influence on the application of music therapy methods, (c) lack of recognition and autonomy for Hungarian music therapists, (d) cultural understanding of therapy and (e) future outlook. Findings indicate that Hungary’s development of music therapy reflect a unique integration of foreign theoretical orientation with native music traditions. By gaining knowledge of how music therapy is practiced in different countries, the profession as a whole may benefit from learning about international cultural humility, sensitivity and history

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