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The Journal of School & Society






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The Journal of School & Society is the online open-access journal of the John Dewey Society, dedicated to Dewey’s view that “Knowing is, for philosophical theory, a case of specially directed activity instead of something isolated from practice.” (The Quest for Certainty, Chapter 8: The Naturalization of Intelligence.) URL for Volume 6, Issue 1


Not long after he arrived in East Asia, a journey he eagerly welcomed, John Dewey quickly turned his thoughts to the past world war. It was a conflict that traversed the globe, ravaged the European landscape beyond anyone’s comprehension, led to almost seventeen million deaths, and tumbled dynastic empires forever. As he began to pen an article for the liberal journal, The New Republic, he kept abreast of developments at the Treaty of Versailles. He had hoped that the victorious Allies would find common ground by putting aside partisan hatred and bitterness in favor of lasting peace. His wish was not granted. In some respects, he only had himself to blame. Although he would not admit that he was not entirely wrong for sacrificing his pragmatism to the call to arms, he did have

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Mariola Krol, a native of Poland, teaches ESOL at H. Frank Carey High School in Long Island, New York. She is also a doctoral student at Molloy College and working on her dissertation, "Promoting a Positive School Climate through Peace Education and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy."

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