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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2015


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PUBLISHED BY THE NORTHEAST BUSINESS & ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION © 2015 The Northeast Business & Economics Association reserves the right to publish the Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. The individual authors retain the copyright over their own articles.


We often think of branding in association with products, personalities and organizations. And of course the internet is one of the major tools used to achieve this. The internet and social media have opened up a whole universe of applications. And already the critics are lining up to remind us that there is sinister potential in the monolithic wealth it has created. So much so some believe that this phenomenon is going to devour the world! Our paper looks at this from a number of different perspectives and we believe there is some real potential here to go beyond the usual orthodoxies and consider how it may well be useful. We seldom think of the value of branding in association to concepts like immigration. Whilst we mostly believe that the digital world of the internet is a powerful and useful resource to aid and support many endeavors, we seldom think of how consuming and potentially negative these applications can be.

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