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Proceedings of the 70th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Techonology (ASIST)

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Where do library directors, and the librarians who perform various management functions as part of their work, receive their management training? A review of the curricula of 48 library school programs accredited by the American Library Association revealed that, for the most part, library managers need to be trained on the job. This paper presents the results of an exploratory study focused on the research question: Do ALA accredited library education programs properly prepare library students to enter management level positions within the library profession? Of the programs reviewed, 43.8% did not require a management-related course within its degree requirements. And 81.3% of the programs did not require an internship. A review of program syllabi revealed that only 58.3% of the management courses included human resource management and only 54.2% included strategy, planning and process. The results offered evidence that the library profession has not yet agreed upon the requirements for preparing future librarians for managerial positions. It is suggested that the accreditation requirements be revised in order to better prepare library school students for the role of manager

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