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1930 - 1960


This is a box which once held a sample size of DeWitt's Diuretic Stimulant Pills produced by E.C. DeWitt & Co. located in Chicago, Illinois. The Pills were intended to flush out the bladder wastes that cause physical distress such as backaches, getting up at nights, dizziness, restlessness, and loss of energy. The packaging explains that the user should take "one pill before each meal and two at bedtime. If you have obtained benefit from this sample, purchase larger sizes from your druggist, and follow directions on that package." This package points out that "A few pills will turn the urine blue or green because of the methylene blue ingredient. This change is a perfectly normal reaction." Additionally, an advertisement about these Pills and other DeWitt products was found inside the sample box.

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Advertisement: E.C. DeWitt's & Co.

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medical equipment

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5.8 X 1.4 X 3.4

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