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1910 - 1960


This is a child's double leg brace, most likely custom made. Braces such as this one were frequently worn by patients suffering from polio and were used to support their bodies due to weakened muscles. This double leg brace is made of stainless steel and leather and incorporates two permanently attached black leather shoes. The braces are attached at the waist via a steel enforced belt and leather straps buckle on the wearer's thighs and calf’s. No maker's mark/ markings are present on this brace.

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medical equipment

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17.3 X 18 X 55

Dimensions Notes

This item was measured according to shoe length (not shoe size) by waist diameter (at largest part) by high (from floor to top of brace). All measurements were taken in centimeters. Measurements are listed as “length by width by height” or “height by diameter” unless otherwise noted.