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1950 - 1975


This is a Tinytown Nurse Set produced by the Peerless Plaything Co. located in Ridgefield Park, NJ. The box has the following number written on it "49-1647/779." The set includes the original box, a red plastic nurse bag, a plastic medical cabinet with cardboard boxed pill containers, a food tray with fake food, folk, knife, cup and bowl, a microscope, syringe, cup, thermometer, a cardboard absorbent cotton box, 2 cardboard prescription boxes, a stethoscope, 2 eyeglasses, tongs, water bag, a vinyl cap, apron, and surgical gown. The set also includes various paperwork including instructions, weight and growth chart, 2 Tinytown stickers, a nurse office hours, make-believe measles, chicken pox, and scratches stickers, sick chart, appointment papers, and certificates of Health.

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29 X 15.9 X 24.8

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