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c. 1938


This is a children's toy junior doctor set produced by the Transogram Company Inc. located in New York City. The toys are made of cardstock paper and plastic. They are contained in a small black box marked " Junior Doctor Hall Nass Corps, NY." The set includes a box of absorbent cotton, two sure candy capsule bottles, and a box, a blue cross bandage box, 2 toy thermometers, a small tin of talcum powder, a toy stethoscope, 2 blue nurse caps (one of which has the red cross emblem removed (emblem is presumed to be on the Red Cross Armband in this collection)), and 4 sick charts, a little paly nurse college diploma, and nameplate, and a Junior doctor handbook. The sick charts and the nameplate are written on and seem to be dated to 1944.

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Red Cross Armband

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21 X 6.5 X 13.5

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