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1995 - 2002


This is a United Airlines flight attendant uniform, in size 12 petite, produced by Fashionaire Apparel, a Hartmarx Company, made in the U.S.A.

Contrary to common belief, flight attendants today are not required to be nurses; however, as with many modern-day myths, there is some truth to this misconception. In the 1930s, the first female flight attendants were required to be nurses. When World War II began the requirement, as well as others, was dropped to ensure that resources were available for the war effort. After WWII, some requirements were reinstituted into the profession; the nursing requirement was not one of them. The Airlines industry had outgrown the need for flight attendant nurses. As a result, this 1990’s United Airlines flight attendant uniform was most likely not worn by a nurse.

To learn more about the history of flight attendants and the history of United Airlines Flight attendant uniforms please check out the bibliography below.


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Size 12 Petite

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This measurement is the dress size taken from the manufactures tag.