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Proceddings of the 14th WFMT World Congress of Music Therapy


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Due to globalization, our demographics are constantly changing and continual change in the racial and ethnic profile is projected, especially with the ongoing influx of immigrants, young families, multiracial individuals, businesspeople and travelers (Population Reference Bureau, 2008). Therefore, the diversifying nature of the population in many countries makes it more likely that music therapists will work with more diverse populations in the coming years (Kim & Whitehead-Pleaux, in press). Individuals who have experienced living in two or more cultures may experience another layer of stress—acculturative stress which arises while they adjust to a new culture because they face many challenges during their cultural adjustment (Berry, 2006). Thus, one’s acculturation process must be examined and any cultural conflicts need to be resolved so that one could reach the ultimate state of cultural well-being (Kim, 2013b).

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