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SIGHT is a tool for building applications that edit and format multi-media structured documents. The media supported include text, line graphics, handwriting, images and audio. These information media are maintained in a single integrated hierarchical database. The document architecture models documents as trees in which nodes can be shared, i.e., as directed acyclic graphs. For each document there is a logical (or abstract) represention tree and one or more physical (or layout) representation trees. A physical representation is the result of applying the formatter to a logical representation. Both trees are separate but share document content data. The physical representation is displayable and printable, but all editing effectively occurs in the logical representation. Any number of document types can be supported. A document type is defined by the node types it can contain, by how these node types can be hierarchically organized, by what each node type can contain and by the format specifications used in formatting the document. SIGHT provides applications a language to define new document types, a Core Editor, various specialized editors and a formatter. The Core Editor is further subdivided into a generic Tree Editor and a generic Node Editor. Both are not limited by document types but are sensitive to them. The Core Editor is the primary editing system.

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