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Global Corporate Intelligence: Opportunities, Technologies, and Threats in the 1990s by George S. Roukis, ed., Hugh Conway, Bruce H. Charnov, ed. Copyright © 1990 by the author(s). All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission of ABC-CLIO, LLC, Santa Barbara, CA.


In this book the word “intelligence” is used in several different contexts. Intelligence can refer to the process of gathering data; it can refer to the data itself; and it can refer to the application of knowledge to product useful information from the data. We will see in this chapter how the computer can be used in business to further all three aspects of intelligence: capturing the data, storing the data in an accessible form, and adding value to the data by transforming it into useful information for decision making. This chapter is organized according to these three areas of computer support for business intelligence: 1. Transaction processing and intelligence capture 2. Data-base management and intelligence storage and retrieval 3. Decision support systems and intelligence processing We provide an overview of the concepts in transaction processing, data-base management, and decision support systems. References are listed in each of these areas for further details. Our purpose is to provide the perspective for the executive to detenmne the use of these concepts for his or her company and to understand the choices open to him or her in today’s technology.

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