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Spring 2022


The arrival of spring generally brings to mind thoughts and images of new beginnings, op-timism and a sense of resili-ence after a long winter’s sea-son. This current issue of JETstream seems to reflect similar sentiments. Although the JET Library continued to seamlessly provide its services to the Molloy Community throughout the pandemic, be-ing able to interact and en-gage with our students in per-son has been beyond com-pare! One of our most exciting new ventures has been the intro-duction of the Learning Com-mons into the JET Library as part of a pilot program. As ex-plained by Courtney Dalfanso, Writing Center Director, “the Learning Commons is for those who want to work on their studies in a space where peer and professional tutors standby ready to help. Stu-dents will be immersed in an open learning area within the JET Library and afforded ac-cess to materials, profession-als, information, and peers in a space that enhances their academic experience at the college.” The JET Library’s Head of Reference, Nikki Pa-lumbo adds, “We are very ex-cited to be able to work more closely with our colleagues to offer integrated tutoring, re-search, and writing help in one convenient location.” On another note, although we had to bid farewell to two of our amazing staff members, Ellen King and Joyce Vaaler, as they embarked on their re-spective journeys as new retir-ees, we are so pleased to wel-come several new members to the JET team who you will get to know about in this issue. Wishing you all a successful Finals Week and a safe, restful and enjoyable summer!

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