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Fall 11-2017


Although summer tends to be when we might experience a bit of a respite on campus, that was certainly not the case here at the JET Library. The library underwent some significant renovations to two of our instruction rooms, Educational Resource Center, and the Suffolk Extension Center Library. We also acquired several new products and technologies such as the DigitalCommons and BrowZine, which you may read about further in this issue of JETstream. At the start of the semester, we continued our annual tradition of hosting the JET Library Pizza Party to welcome the incoming freshmen, as well as our returning students where a great time was had by all! During the course of the semester, many of our students participate in a scavenger hunt. This is one of the tasks as part of their FST class, where students get to familiarize themselves with different areas and services of the library, while having fun bonding with their classmates.

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