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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Dr. Yasmine Iliya


Absorption refers to the phenomenon of total attentional engagement. The purpose of the current study was to gain a preliminary understanding of the roles that absorption may have in different music therapy approaches. The research questions were: a) How might music therapists know when their clients are in states of absorption?, b) How might absorption influence the ability of music therapy clients to progress towards therapeutic goals?, and c) What is the potential relationship between absorption and music? Three music therapists with self-identified expertise and experience in conceptualizing absorption in music therapy were interviewed about their observations and opinions of absorption in their music therapy practices. Analysis of the interview data revealed the following themes: 1. how music therapy experiences facilitate absorption for clients, 2. how absorption influences music therapy clients, and 3. transitioning to new experiential states. The results suggest that music therapists may facilitate states of absorption in clients by matching music to their kinesthetic and emotional experiences. Absorption states may help clients to access resources and to transition to new experiential states

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