Kimberly Lau

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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy


This is a self-awareness qualitative research study in which the researcher explored the essence and realization of mindfulness that occurred during her music therapy sessions with a child with suggested autism. Due to the range of emotions she felt from her therapeutic relationship with the student, she was inspired to look into the practice of mindfulness to deepen self-understanding, develop self-awareness, and be more present in the sessions. Themes/motifs and feelings/emotions that emerged during the musical moments were identified by analyzing logs and analytic memos. The researcher chronicled her continuing revelation and formal and informal practices of mindfulness and how that had a positive effect on her therapeutic techniques and musical engagement with the student. Being mindful encompasses elements such as awareness, observation, attunement, openness, and acceptance. It is suggested that the practice of mindfulness could contribute valuable attributes to the music therapy and other multidisciplinary health fields.

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