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Music Therapy


The following grant proposal is directed towards opening a music therapy program for the Don Monti Cancer Center at Huntington Hospital. Huntington Hospital is a small community hospital with twenty-five beds on their oncology unit with one attending palliative care doctor. In meeting with the palliative doctor, Dr. Joseph Milano, I learned that there is a great need for music therapy on the oncology unit as well as on the palliative team. Dr. Milano expressed concern in being the only palliative care doctor on the unit often limiting the time he gets to spend in caring for each of his patients (J. Milano, personal communication, December 14, 2010). Dr. Milano and his palliative team, along with the oncology unit staff, support the writing of this grant as it is evident from the research that music therapy is an effective and cost efficient non-pharmacological treatment option for patients diagnosed with cancers. In the following pages you will find literature and research that support the importance of having a music therapy program available in the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer and for the caregivers and staff who support and take care of them.

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