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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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John Carpente


This study examined the prevalence and frequency of boundary issues within music therapy internship supervision. An online survey was used to obtain data from 243 board- certified music therapists who finished their training within the past five years. Participants were asked for demographic information, and asked to respond to questions about boundary issues and challenges during their internship. The study found a relatively low frequency of boundary issues; however some issues occurred more often than others, most notably social media connections and social outings beyond the internship site. Social media connections that were initiated by the supervisor, the gender mix of the intern and supervisor, and the level of education of the intern were factors correlated with higher incidence of boundary issues. This study may provide insight into the current state of supervisory relationships in internship supervision, and how to reduce the incidence of boundary issues. This may have a positive effect on the professional development of new music therapists.

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