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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Dr. Seung A. Kim


The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes toward and prevalence of use of personal therapy among music therapists. An online survey was conducted with a sample of 132 music therapists working per diem, part-time, and full-time in the Unites States. A total of 130 surveys were analyzed using quantitative methods. The study examined the prevalence of use of personal therapy among music therapists, the ways music therapists seek to increase their personal development, the reasons and importance of receiving personal therapy, and the benefits of receiving personal therapy. Prevalence of use of non-music personal therapy was 33.6%, at the time of the survey, while 60.3% had participated in personal therapy at some time during their career. Personal therapy was most often sought out by the participants to increase their personal development. It was considered by 96.3% of participants to be a valuable and beneficial experience for personal and professional growth; among the reasons cited were that it enables a music therapist to increase self-awareness, work through issues, and develop coping skills. Implications and future research are discussed.

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