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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Heather Wagner


The purpose of this study is to explore the implications of resource-oriented music therapy (RoMT) in medical practice. This approach has been applied to other populations in music therapy practice, but remains under-researched in the medical environment. Three participants, each of whom works in the medical setting, were interviewed. A descriptive analysis was used to identify particular themes that emerged from the interview process. These themes were then related to each component of the RoMT approach. The results showed that despite not having a comprehensive understanding of the RoMT approach, each of the participants practiced in ways that supported the components of RoMT. It was also found that there were several incongruities between clinical practice and RoMT due to paradoxes that are discussed in the RoMT philosophy. However, the incongruities may be due to the underlying nature of the medical environment and a general lack of awareness of the RoMT approach. The implications for music therapy are discussed, particularly within the medical environment.

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