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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities




School of Education and Human Services


This study examined how Spanish-speaking Latino parents of multilingual learners (MLs) perceived their participation in the school community and their role in the educational process of their children. It explored several factors that can influence the involvement of Spanish-speaking parents in their children's education. Social capital, cultural capital, and social learning theories guided this study to provide a deeper understanding of the parental involvement of Spanishspeaking Latino parents in schools. Ten participating parents shared their experiences and described their view of parental involvement in their children’s school. This study concluded that Spanish-speaking Latino parents displayed characteristics of highly involved parents, defying previous conceptions of Latino parents' lack of caring and involvement. Implications for policy and practices at the district and school building levels include providing teachers and educational leaders with professional development focused on cultural awareness and culturally responsive practices, developing language resources to assist families navigate the U.S. educational system, implementing parent workshops to serve as opportunities to promote parent awareness of the school’s expectations for involvement and engagement with the curriculum, as well as designating district and school budgets for the purchase of translation devices and services to attend to the language needs of the population they serve. Recommendations are offered for future research to expand the understanding of Spanish-speaking Latino parents’ involvement in their children’s education

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