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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy


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Dr. Amanda MacRae


This study examined nurses’ perceptions of music therapy in skilled nursing facilities. Twentytwo nurses who work in these facilities were surveyed utilizing a descriptive survey design. There is a need for research on nurses’ perceptions of music therapy within these settings to communicate the benefits of music therapy within the skilled nursing population. Data were analyzed through statistical analysis performed by Survey Planet© which produced descriptive statistics. Results indicated that nurses were likely to refer patients to music therapy, but there was uncertainty to if their music therapist is a music entertainer. Furthermore, most residents within skilled nursing attend music therapy for something to do in a group setting, as opposed to an individual setting. This suggests that residents take themselves to music therapy and are not referred. Results also revealed that nurses were aware of some of the benefits of music therapy for their residents, but not all of them. Lastly, nurses within these settings would be interested in attending an in-service to learn more about music therapy. Music therapy has many benefits for individuals in skilled nursing facilities, which is why it is vital to residents’ care that nurses are informed on them.

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