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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities




School of Education and Human Services


Professional development is designed to enhance teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and their professional growth. However, veteran teachers have divergent professional learning needs that must be addressed to positively impact the effectiveness of the professional development they attend. This research study emphasizes the importance of care practices and how veteran teachers want to be heard and included in the planning of the professional development they attend. This study also highlights the importance of positive relationships between school administrators and veteran teachers and how this leads to learning conditions that better serve the professional learning needs of veteran teachers. The purpose of this qualitative, grounded theory research study was to describe the veteran teachers’ experiences and desires for professional development to develop a framework for professional development that meets their unique professional learning needs. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and two focus group meetings with 10 veteran teachers. The findings demonstrate that veteran teachers have different professional learning needs and that professional development will continue to be ineffective in aiding their pedagogical growth if their voices are not heard and their input is not considered. These findings add to the body of existing literature about professional development by proposing a framework for professional development specially designed for veteran teachers.

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