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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Kate Myers-Coffman


Meaningful moments in music therapy sessions may only occur in small moments, imperceptible or fleeting, but can have a tremendous impact on the overall treatment process, especially in short-term medical settings. The literature on the topic of "meaningful moments" in music therapy is sparse, with even less mention of "meaningful moments" in single sessions or short-term clinical settings. In this study, I explored the personal experiences of music therapists to gain a better understanding and awareness of meaningful moments in short-term medical settings. I used semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis to explore the research question, “What are music therapists' experiences of meaningful moments in short-term medical settings?” The final themes that emerged were: 1) Affirming and connecting to one’s humanity, 2) Navigating challenges in facilitating meaningful moments due to the short-term setting, and 3) Impact of patient insight on recognizing meaningful moments. The clarification of these three themes contributes to developing therapist awareness and understanding of meaningful moments in a short-term setting and helps direct therapists to ways they can promote relevant moments in this time-constrained environment

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