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Master of Science in Music Therapy

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Dr. John Carpente


This study explored the experience of the music therapist in delivering music therapy via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. In semi-structured interviews, three music therapists explored their transition from in-person to telehealth clinical services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data was analyzed using interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) and organized into group themes and individual themes. Group themes included 1) role of therapist changing 2) technology considerations in the home office 3) career reflection and future practice. Individual themes included 1) adapting to change, 2) learning curve of telehealth and burnout, 3) work-life boundaries and authentic therapeutic presence. Participants experienced an expansion of their role as a music therapist and each music therapist reflected on how telehealth and the pandemic influenced their career moving forward. Study findings offer implications for music therapy practice in telehealth and future research exploring music therapy in telehealth and music technology.

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