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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Dr. John Carpente


This research study sought to examine the impact of the transition to telehealth music therapy services as the primary delivery mode of treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Board-certified music therapists were invited to participate in an online questionnaire-based survey where they were asked to provide responses to questions relating to their and their clients’ demographics, their theoretical orientation, their clinical experience prior to and during COVID- 19, and their views on the overall impact of telehealth. Analysis of the raw data from participants’ responses are summarized and integrated into the discussion section to highlight participants’ perspectives in a music therapy context in order to identify trends and implications for the future. Results of the study demonstrate that the majority of respondents experienced a somewhat negative impact to the therapeutic process with respect to the technology, clinical practice, and personal well-being. Participants also reported the need to alter many aspects of their services including approach to treatment and the therapeutic goals. The results indicate that despite these challenges, most respondents anticipate the continuation of telehealth delivery of services both during and post-pandemic.

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