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Master of Science in Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Dr. Adenike Webb


Despite the popularity and significance that hip hop music holds in our society today, there is a grave absence of hip hop music in music therapy academia and practice. This study explores the prevalence of hip hop music in music therapy education and practice. Two populations, current students and new clinicians, were surveyed for this study to ascertain the prevalence of hip hop music both in current music therapy practice and in the current music therapy education system. This study involved the collection of data surrounding the participants’ experience with hip hop music prior to their studies, in their music therapy training/education, and their clinical work. Research findings indicate that the majority of music therapy students and clinicians were not exposed to hip hop music and techniques within their academic curriculum, which has led them to feel underprepared for and hesitant about the clinical use of hip hop. Hesitations about the clinical use of hip hop included lack of knowledge of the genre and fear of cultural appropriation. This study aims to provide valuable insights for music therapy educators, students, and clinicians, to further diversify music therapy academic programming, advanced training, and future clinical work.

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