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The Molloy Student Literary Magazine, sponsored by Molloy College’s Office of Student Affairs, is devoted to publishing the best previously unpublished works of prose, poetry, drama, literary review, criticism, and other literary genres, that the Molloy student community has to offer. The journal welcomes submissions, for possible publication, from currently enrolled Molloy students at all levels. All submitted work will undergo a review process initiated by the Managing Editor prior to a decision being made regarding publication of said work. Given sufficient content, The Molloy Student Literary Magazine is published twice annually in Spring and Fall.

Interested contributors from the currently enrolled Molloy student community should send work via e-mail attachment and brief cover letter (including a two-sentence biographical statement) to: Dr. Damian Ward Hey, Managing Editor, The Molloy Student Literary Magazine: Enrolled students who are interested in becoming members of The Molloy Student Literary Magazine staff may e-mail letters of inquiry. Excelsior!

Publication Date

Spring 2013


Rockville Centre


Creative Writing | Fiction | Nonfiction | Poetry

Related Pillar(s)

Community, Study

The Molloy Student Literary Magazine Volume 9



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