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Spring 2013


The spring 2013 semester has indeed been a memorable one. This newsletter keeps you informed of the activities that have transpired this semester. As you read, I think you will get a sense of how our department has grown and how many things we have to celebrate. And celebrate we do! First, this semester marks the graduation of our first class of master’s degree students in Speech-Language Pathology. The class of 7 students completed their 56 credit degree in 2 years. The clinical educators, faculty and staff all watched them eagerly, struggled with them and rejoiced in their success. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that it was a joy having them be part of the department and we will miss them! We look forward to hearing of their professional accomplishments in the future. In addition to the graduation of the masters students, I am proud to report that I attended the The Graduate Center, CUNY Research Conference in March 2013, where 4 of our seniors presented their senior seminar projects at the poster session. The Graduate Center offers a highly respected Ph.D. Program in Speech, Language and Hearing Science. Our students, though only undergraduate students, were poised, knowledgeable and articulate. This was no small feat, considering that the majority of the other presenters were masters and doctoral students from the New York metropolitan area. It is also a great pleasure to report that we have acquired more instrumentation for the Molloy College Speech, Language and Hearing Center. Our state-of-the art Speech Center is pleased to have technology available for instruction and clinical purposes. The constant support of Molloy College in acquiring new equipment annually has enabled us to offer an unparalleled, dynamic, learning situation. Please enjoy reading the newsletter and don’t hesitate to contact us with your news, comments or suggestions.

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