This series highlights faculty presentations from CSD. It can include any type of published or unpublished work such as conference proceedings, lectures, presentations, posters, and videos. Each record page includes all available citation information.


Submissions from 2023


Acoustic Correlates of Central Vowels in Russian-English and Spanish-English Bilingual Children, Suzanne V.H. Van der Feest, Genevieve Medina, Evgeniya Maryutina, Ingrid Davidovich, Theresa Bloder, Isabelle Barriere, and Valerie L. Shafer

Submissions from 2016


Le statut linguistique des pronoms du créole haïtien et du français: une étude de corpus, Isabelle Barriere, Geraldine Legendre, Blandine Joseph, Sarah Kresh, Prince Fluerio Guetjen, and Thierry Nazzi

Submissions from 2010


L’acquisition de l’accord sujet-verbe par les jeunes francophones natifs entre 14 et 30 mois : préférence, compréhension et environnement linguistique (The acquisition of subject-verb agreement by young native French speakers between 14 and 30 months: preference, understanding, and linguistic environment), Isabelle Barriere, Geraldine Legendre, Thierry Nazzi, Louise Goyet, and Sarah Kresh

Submissions from 2005


Age Effects in Processing Bilinguals’ Accented Speech, Barbara T. Schmidt Ph.D, CCC-SLP.