This series highlights faculty work from Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. It is not limited to published articles but can include any type of published or unpublished works such as: articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, data sets, editorials, keynotes, grey literature, lectures, presentations, posters, reports, and white papers. Each work’s record page includes all available citation information.
Starting in 2024, new submissions will be available in either Faculty Publications or Faculty Presentations.


Submissions from 2017


Expert Testimoney and Opinion Evidence in a Narcotics Prosecution, Robert Ewald

Submissions from 2012


Opioid Abuse & Diversion of Controlled Substances - Grand Jury Report, CPL 190.85(1)(C), Robert Ewald

Submissions from 2011


Policing in the United States: Balancing Crime Fighting and Legal Rights, John Eterno Ph.D.

Submissions from 2002


Institutional Sexual Abuse - Grand Jury Report CPL §190.85(1)(C), Robert Ewald