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Fall 2020


It is a distinct pleasure to welcome our new President, Dr. James Lentini, who epitomizes the STEAM connection between Art and Science at Molloy College. Dr. Lentini has been a leader in higher education for more than 30 years and has had stellar academic training in the arts which include his passion for music. From composer, to classical guitarist, to music technology on an international level, receiving countless awards, honors, and praise from the most prestigious entities in the Arts. His transition to Molloy College was at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and his leadership, under these most difficult circumstances for the Molloy College Community, and for him and his family, was inspirational. I look forward to serving under his leadership and am confident his administration will expand our horizons as an academic institution. We already have a significant connection between the Arts and Science in our STEAM experiences connecting CERCOM’s Mission with an appreciation of the interconnections of the arts with science. CERCOM will host new events in 2021 as “Art and Nature” when during Earth week 2021, we will incorporate Science and Art with Leonardo DaVinci: The Worlds Inaugural STEAM Advocate. This virtual event will bring all Molloy College’s STEAM initiatives to the forefront for our students. It is a privilege to share the future with Dr. Lentini and I look forward to his creativity and advancement of these initiatives at Molloy College.

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