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Spring 2020


Throughout Long Island’s educational structure, STEM educational institutions have responded to the latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics who into our new year, have emphasized the fastest growing occupational categories over the next 10 years. These careers will be in the energy, health and education sectors, with the medical and technical sectors containing the highest paying occupations. Yet, hidden in the projected demand which will continue to spur on millions of new jobs, is corporate leaderships continuous claim that they cannot find qualified workers. This “skills gap” is due to a lack of strong cognitive and socio-economic skills. Along with a diversified STEM knowledge base, adaptability, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and multi-dimensional academics, along with on-the-job backgrounds and experiences, all which will be required throughout a students work life. So, to help overcome this developing paradox (skills needed are usually gotten on the job!) CERCOM for the STEM disciplines, rises up as an especially significant function at Molloy College. It provides those initial transferable skills important to successfully enter the job market. Hands-on training experiences can jump start our graduates entering the employment market by front loading the skill level of our student’s education. Internships in the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Biology at CERCOM encompass all the STEM disciplines. We have recently expanded the STEM to “STEAM” with the inclusion of art and design in a EES student’s career development. The CERCOM field station immerses students in the areas of science to the point that out Earth and Environmental Science students graduate with all the journeyman tools necessary in transitioning into full time career employment or entering graduate school further bolstering their foundational content knowledge base. Our first NEWSLETTER in 2020 will outline all that CERCOM offers for those who have the desire to follow a career path in the STEAM disciplines. Come to Molloy College; come to CERCOM, come by, see our laboratory and meet with us.

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