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In 2013 I had the distinct pleasure to be offered the opportunity to become a part of the Molloy College family. President Dr. Drew Bogner believed that CERCOM would be an important part of building an exciting program for students in Earth and Environmental Science at Molloy. Dr. Bogner was able to envision how the CERCOM Field Station, would enrich Molloy College science students, given its decades of earth, environmental, and marine sciences research. He had the foresight to understand that the experiences at CERCOM would help foster a vast array of international academic collaborations which now include 14 countries. CERCOM has since arranged for a wide variety of internships for Molloy College students through 28 collaborative groups, (Federal, State, local, and non-government organizations) that offer science experiences. CERCOM has served over 80 students who have graduated and who have all gone on to employment or graduate studies in earth and environmental science. Students have participated in the production of 8 peer-reviewed scientific publications and assisted in conducting over 48 conference’s, workshops, symposiums, colloquiums and lecture series. Due to the extensive Earth & Environmental Science collaborations for field study experiences at CERCOM, Molloy College has been successful in obtaining a major grant of $2.4 million from the NSF for Scholarships; the ASPIRE and NOYCE Ambassador Awards. Dr. Bogner gave the inspirational Opening Key Note remarks at the International Conference on Horseshoe Crab Conservation and Biology, held in Sasebo, Japan in 2015. All this and more would not have happened without Dr. Bogner’s insight and support of CERCOM in the conservation of these seminal organisms on a global scale, and through the enhancement of the Earth & Environmental Sciences BS degree program at Molloy College. Most recently President Bogner announced St. John’s University will offer Molloy College students majoring in Earth and Environmental Studies (EES), the special opportunity to receive a master’s degree from St. John’s University in Environmental Science and Policy. I am proud

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