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As I sat there in the Members Lounge at the Explorers Club; the world center for exploration, getting ready for our first Spring Saturday Science for Students @the EC lecture, I was putting together some notes on the accomplishments of our science students and CERCOM over the last few months since our last newsletter. Our visit to the Galapagos, a spectacular academic experience for our Molloy College students was at the top of my list! This was certainly not an epiphany but as I accumulated the items on this list, I was impressed not only with what we have conducted but much more important, almost seminal, is our diverse, expansive and integrated network of collaborators, projects and research. I say seminal in every aspect of a student’s beginning a career in the Sciences. This is a career, no matter what path taken, that will depend upon a passion for knowledge, constant observation and unrestricted exploration. CERCOM, the Field Station for the BCES Department at Molloy College, reflects all these attributes to Molloy College students. However, I believe most importantly instilling and building these characteristics into a good scientist, is the establishment of a network as early as possible. Not just a “Social Network” which Millennials and all youth are proficient in, but an “experiential network” that provides the foundation of science, education, and contributions to the global community. This Newsletter will reveal the “network” that is ingrained in the CERCOM mission for Molloy College, and what is provided to all science students no matter what their discipline or Major may be.

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