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Spring 2017


There is something enchanting and vibrant about viewing the coast. Every day at CERCOM we are welcomed by either a vivid sunrise, a view of the barrier island Fire Island and a blending of the sky across the horizon, ultimately flooding the Great South Bay with either clouds or sunshine that reveals the Bay’s surface as either shimmering with sunlight, or an integration of sky and water as an endless ocean. I don’t normally wax poetic but the varying sights along the near shore ocean and this embayment beckon our scientific inquisitiveness. What’s below the surface water? How do animals in and around the estuary interact? How are the human influences being played out in local communities on all the coastal issues facing us toward 2020? The oceans are our last great frontier on Earth and having students exploring coastal processes and ecosystems, aids in their development as scientists, if they choose to pursue a career in the Earth and Environmental Sciences; and helps make them better informed citizens. Long Island, by fact of definition, surrounded by waters of the ocean, has experienced the pains of urban sprawl, environmental contamination and general human development abuse of ecosystems and a dramatic misunderstanding of natural processes. CERCOM, every day is a beacon of scientific exploration, education and we have been so lucky to watch it unfold here at the lab each day. This issue of Coastal Monitor will be emphasizing CERCOM’s role as a scientific Field Station to the Molloy College science student with special emphasis on the BS in Earth and Environmental Science. I hope you can visit us to see these students in action.

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