The seminar class is offered in the student's final semester of the Honors Program. It is here that the student begins the process of cultivating and synthesizing their academic, cultural, social and service experiences in the development of a final project. Honors students will complete an honors capstone project of their own design under the mentoring of an Honors Program faculty member. This opportunity will allow the student to work closely with Honors Program faculty to begin creating a project that integrates and builds on the Honors Program curriculum and experiences as it relates to their interests and career goals. The Honors Program students are given the privilege to share their insights with the Molloy community and have the option to submit their work to the National Collegiate Honors Council. All Honors Program students must complete a capstone project in order to graduate with Honors Program distinction.


Projects from 2022


The New (Yorkers) Gardeners Almanac:, Willow Chamblin, Calie Quiones, Jennifer Imhof, DeAndrea Rodriguez, Chye Davis, and Kathryn MacGowan