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Molloy University just celebrated its tenth year of its renowned Capstone program. In doing so, students who have successfully completed the program (alum) as well as current students were acknowledged for their accomplishments pertaining to their final Capstone projects. This year the consulting teams worked with a fairly large nonprofit, The Hospice Care Network of Northwell Health. This enabled our students to delve into an interdisciplinary study between the Business and Healthcare fields to assist children who have been adversely impacted by the loss of a loved one and who are participants in their bereavement program. The consulting teams not only recommended new and innovative fundraising programs, community outreach programs, and integrative marketing toolkits to increase brand awareness and deliver a consistent marketing message that supports its mission and vision, but the team executed some of these recommendations and it truly transformed all that were involved including the client, faculty, and students collectively. One particular team, the team represented at this conference, was able to monetize their fundraising efforts and partner with Molloy University’s Student Government and Performing Arts Club executive board to build recurring support with “The Night at the Theatre” program that takes place every spring at the University. The Capstone experience continues to contribute toward our students’ personal and academic success. We successfully engage in hands-on transformational learning year over year which shapes the lives of our students and have them graduate with the proper disposition to be tomorrow’s sought-out leaders in their chosen industries. The faculty who instruct the Capstone program truly take pride in this type of real-world endeavor with their student body. This project has made its mark on the hearts and minds of our students as we still continue to collaborate with The Hospice Care Network today. The School is proud of their accomplishments and we have already experienced the impact that our collaboration has had on society through the diligent work and commitment our students have put forth to assist children in need.

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Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) 2023

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SJU, HAUB School of Business


SJU, HAUB School of Business


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