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This paper is the fifth in a series of five papers that collectively explore management education and its value to workplace preparation. The purpose of this research path is to ensure that management education remains cutting edge and relevant to the needs of organizational leaders and to our students’ professional goals. At the 2021 Northeast Business and Economics Association Conference ( the author set the stage for a five (5) paper multi-phase research agenda. The purpose of this research, Part V, is to explore where coaching knowledge and skill-development currently exists within higher education programs, degrees, and curriculum. This paper reports on the results of an environmental scan. It not only describes the landscape and the intersection of higher education and coaching, but it also offers recommendations to management and business faculty for improving the curriculum so that the growing profession of leadership, management, and executive coaching, can be seamlessly integrated into business education.

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Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) 2023

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SJU, HAUB School of Business


Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania


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