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The pace of change in the business environment is constantly being accelerated by rapidly emerging technologies and evolving customer demands. It is no longer sufficient for organizations to keep their strategic focus on elevating their existing capabilities to achieve excellence in their product and service offerings. It is critical to be able to develop new organizational capabilities which are aligned with new strategic insights. Existing frameworks have their limitations in terms of helping to identify new organizational capabilities and ensuring that they are closely aligned with the overall business strategy. In response to these challenges, a novel framework for designing and building new organizational capabilities is proposed and elaborated in this paper. Instead of focusing on People, Processes and Technologies (as most conventional approaches do), the proposed framework has its emphasis on Relationship, Thinking and Action. By integrating key theoretical perspectives and practical insights, this framework offers a comprehensive and flexible roadmap for organizations seeking to enhance their competitive advantage. Practitioners can apply the framework throughout the three key phases in building new organizational capabilities: diagnosis, design, and implementation. The framework emphasizes the importance of fostering a learning culture and leveraging technology as enablers for capability development. Exploration will also be made in how ChatGPT can be deployed in the application of the framework. By presenting this novel framework, this paper contributes to the existing body of knowledge on organizational capabilities and provides practical guidance for organizations seeking to enhance their competitiveness in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) 2023

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SJU, HAUB School of Business


Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania


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