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This paper continues the multi-phase exploration of management education, the growing profession of executive coaching, and its value to workplace preparation. It is the third in a series of five papers dedicated to this exploration. Part III summarizes the knowledge presented in both Part I and Part II. Part I included a literature review and discussion as to who defines premier business education, the growing profession of executive coaching, and higher education’s responsibility to relevant workforce preparation. It set the stage for the multi-phase research plan focused on three sets of stakeholders: senior leaders/employers, business faculty, and MBA graduates. Part II reported insights from eleven in-depth interviews with senior leader as the future employers of our business graduates. It revealed what employers expect of business educators, as they prepare students to become their future leaders. Part III reports on the insights of eleven business faculty as relates to their role as the gatekeepers of business curriculum and student learning outcomes. Without the faculty, the integration of coaching skills, knowledge, and disposition into business education, will not be successful. The goal of this multi-paper exploration is to seek answers related to the question; Does Management Education need a facelift? If so, should the coaching body of knowledge, skills, and theories, be integrated into management and business education?

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Risk, Resilience and Recovery in Turbulent Business Environments

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Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) 52nd Annual Conference


Washington, DC

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