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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2017


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Over the past few years, Molloy College has produced a series of conference papers that illustrate what can be made possible when a disposition toward social responsibility becomes an academic program learning outcome. The belief that business can both damage the world, but also save the world, is at the foundation of why graduate students are required to demonstrate that the skills and knowledge gained can be applied to solve a real-world business problem. The twist is that the business problem must emerge from an organization that traditionally would not have available to it a team of consultants who can think creatively and proactively about the problem. These student consultants are charged to make actionable recommendations that potentially solve the organization’s business problem.

This is a paper that couples a pedagogical philosophy with evidence of learning. This paper demonstrates that the students were able to draw from academic program learning to focus on the development of a solution-driven plan. The Molloy College mission establishes the founding belief in social responsibility, service, community, and study. The college’s commitment to academic excellence and the promotion of lifelong learning demonstrates the transformative education experienced by the students.

This paper focuses on the consulting work performed for the not-for-profit organization, The Health and Welfare Council of Long Island.

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