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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2017


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PUBLISHED BY THE NORTHEAST BUSINESS & ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION © 2017 The Northeast Business & Economics Association reserves the right to publish the Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. The individual authors retain the copyright over their own articles.


In our 2016 Northeast Business and Economics Association paper, “The Trump Branding Machine,” we pointed out that the Trump Presidential campaign was unlike any we have ever witnessed. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America. This paper examines some of the extra and unusual dimensions he brings to the office of the Presidency, the White House and the public consciousness. (Vitale/Sutcliffe, 2016)

Trump’s Presidency has raised the level of political awareness – whether it is dividing or unifying. These conversations point to heightened levels of consciousness as it relates to political discourse within industry, classroom, and just about everywhere else.

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