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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2018


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PUBLISHED BY THE NORTHEAST BUSINESS & ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION © 2018 The Northeast Business & Economics Association reserves the right to publish the Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. The individual authors retain the copyright over their own articles.


Over the past six years, Molloy College students and faculty have presented at the Northeast Business & Economics Association Conference the outcomes of a pedagogical process that allows students to demonstrate evidence of learning. This paper reports on the student consulting work presented to the leadership team and the Board of Directors of a local not-for-profit organization. The consulting problem identified by the leaders of the organization is that ‘they are new to running a corporation’. The Officers are not traditional managers. The work of these organizational leaders had been focused on the corporation’s cause. Therefore, these organizational leaders need to establish all of the management practices to run this business. The consulting solution developed by the capstone student consultants included a 4-tier plan, which focused on (1) the organizational structure, (2) financial structure, (3) fundraising strategies, and (4) marketing/branding plan. There are two goals for writing this paper. The first is to tell the story of Backyard Players and Friends Inc. and the business plan that offered this organization, not just consulting advice, but an executable turnkey executable set of solutions focused directly on the real-world problem. The second goal for this paper is to demonstrate one college’s educational strategy to help graduate students develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead at an advanced level, and to develop a disposition toward social responsibility and ethical leadership.

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