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Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) 2012


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PUBLISHED BY THE NORTHEAST BUSINESS & ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION © 2012 The Northeast Business & Economics Association reserves the right to publish the Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. The individual authors retain the copyright over their own articles.


This research paper explores and reveals the dynamic relationship between employees and their bosses as this relationship influences retention. Employee unhappiness has been cited as a common reason that an employee may leave his or her job; but unfortunately, a boss does not often realize that it is his or her own management style which may cause a valued employee to quit. Bosses who fail to retain their staff, end up costing the company anywhere from 90% to 200% of that employee’s annual salary. A primary conclusion of this research is that managers need to be educated; they are the link between a high potential employee staying or leaving the job. Managers have a large impact on their employees’ attitude toward their jobs, and their relationship with the employees remains the single greatest reason why employees leave organizations.

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