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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2021


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PUBLISHED BY THE NORTHEAST BUSINESS & ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION © 2021 The Northeast Business & Economics Association reserves the right to publish the Proceedings in both print and electronic formats. The individual authors retain the copyright over their own articles.


This paper introduces the premise that coaching should be actively integrated into management education. This paper will be the first in a series of papers that will explore coaching as a meaningful body of knowledge, skills, and theories, for business managers and leaders. The premise of coaching as a component of management education probes the alignment with workplace preparation. The growing profession of coaching and its integration into the workplace, demands our attention as business educators. We must ensure that business education remains cutting-edge and relevant to both the needs of organizational leaders and to our students’ professional goals. A review of the business accreditation expectations finds an invitation for coaching to integrate smoothly as a relevant and meaningful component of management education. The alignment of coaching theory and the organizational behavior curriculum suggests a natural fit that will modernize business education. The outcome will empower our students as they prepare for their professional journey. The goal of this multi-paper exploration is to seek answers related to the question, Does Management Education need a facelift? If so, should the coaching body of knowledge, skills, and theories, be integrated into management and business education?

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