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Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) 2021


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Molloy’s fourteen-week capstone program involves Molloy College students who learn professional skills and much more during the capstone experience. The students work with ‘live’ non-profits located on Long Island and their efforts serve these organizations to jointly move their missions forward toward social good. This semester’s senior project was focused on the developmentally and physically disabled community as well as promoted admirable social responsibility via the collaboration of the assigned organization and the student consulting teams. This project not only was a success from an academic standpoint, but also personally for the students who transformed into well-rounded citizens. Their acquired skills in addition to their dispositions will make them the sought-out leaders of tomorrow when entering into today’s workforce. This program not only supports our commitment to our local community but to humanity as a whole with this all-inclusive real-world project. The students did a commendable job with putting together turnkey recommendations that would assist the assigned non-profit in reaching its aspirational goals, serving generations of this deserving population for years to come. This project has not only made its mark within the School of Business at Molloy, but also in the hearts and minds of its students which they will take with them upon entering into their chosen careers.

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