JETstream is a bi-annual newsletter publication for the James E. Tobin Library (JET) at Molloy College. The objective of our newsletter is to help keep the Molloy community informed on matters concerning the library from the wide range of resources we offer, to the various services available, special events, distinctive collections, as well as contact information. Most importantly, we look forward to familiarizing you with our most valued and essential resource, the JET Library librarians and staff.


Submissions from 2017


JETstream Volume 1 Issue 2, Nancy Anzalone, Albert Neal, Shikha Joseph, Tabitha Ochtera, Curt Friehs, Tim Hasin, Judy Drescher, Nikki Palumbo, Madeleine Nash, and Susan Bloom


JETstream Volume 2 Issue 1, Nancy Anzalone, Tabitha M. Ochtera MLIS, Theresa Rienzo MLIS, Shikha Joseph MLIS, Judy Drescher MLIS, Tim Hasin MLIS, Nikki Palumbo MLIS, Maya Wilder MLIS, Curt Friehs MLIS, and Madeleine Nash MLIS

Submissions from 2016


JETstream Volume 1 Issue 1, Nancy Anzalone, Theresa Rienzo, Susan Bloom, Wenhui Chen, Robert Martin, Nikki Palumbo, and Tim Hasin